Royalty-free instrumental album produced by cobrawav. Download/stream the album and use any of the tracks at no cost for your next project or live stream!


vol. 1

Royalty-free album

21 quality hip hop and R&B instrumentals produced by cobrawav for your listening pleasure. As an artist, cobrawav recognizes how difficult it may be for emerging MCs, singers and content creators to find instrumentals that fit their budget. Releasing this royalty-free project gives other artists the opportunity to use these as they’d like*, without having to pay high licensing costs. Content creators have the chance to use these as background music free of charge in their live streams and highlight videos without having to worry about getting copyright strikes.

(*for more information, please see frequently asked questions below)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an instrumental from cobrawav: vol.1 in my project, for free?

You can use the music from cobrawav: vol 1 IF the project you are using the music for is NOT commercial in nature (eg. selling the song with the instrumental as a single or part of an album, using the music on a monetized Youtube video, etc.). We are offering this music for promotional use and to help content creators with background music for their live streams. The only thing we ask is that you credit cobrawav as shown below.

I am a content creator and i’d like to use the music from cobrawav: vol. 1 as a background element on my live stream. Can I do this without running into copyright issues?

Yes, absolutely. The music from cobrawav: vol.1 is free to use for content creators. The only thing we ask is that it is used as a background element, and proper credit is given to cobrawav (Background music provided by cobrawav).

How would you like to be credited in my song/live stream/video?

If you are using any of the instrumentals from cobrawav: vol.1 please credit them as:

  1. In song credits: Produced by cobrawav
  2. As a background element in a live stream: Background music provided by cobrawav
  3. In a video: Music by cobrawav
    (If possible, list the song title in the video credits eg. “Aire” by cobrawav)

Question: Are there any restrictions on how I can use your music?

Due to copyright conflicts, the music on this album is available free of charge to you for non-commercial release. For example, using this music is NOT allowed in the following:

  • Uploading your song using these instrumentals to any service that adds a copyright to your material.
  • If you are releasing on iTunes, Spotify, or other similar online platforms, you MUST tell your audio distributors the following message:
    • Please DO NOT add this audio content to the Youtube Content ID System. I have used background music which is owned by cobrawav/Rezofficial Music.

Can I loop the music, make it longer, speed it up, or slow it down?


Can I add to the instrumental and release it as my own music?

No. But in the spirit of hip hop, feel free to sample, chop and create a new beat out of any of these if you’d like. But please, don’t just add a clap and call it your own piece, be creative!