Jay Mak (L) and Stomp (R) of Rezofficial Music


Jay Mak (Jason Makinaw) is a member of the Ermineskin Cree Nation in Maskwacîs, Alberta. His love for music came at a young age, when his parents gifted him with drums when he was 10. With no formal training he taught himself how to lay basic drum patterns by ear. He then started DJing in early 2001, quietly working on his skills and slowly transitioned into house parties and other social events. It was through DJing that Jay Mak became obsessed with beats and picked up the music program Fruity Loops to try his hand at production in early 2002. His early works were inspired by his biggest influences Just Blaze, Kanye West and Dr. Dre. By the end of 2002 he had felt confident enough to start showing his work to other beatsmiths in the area and caught the ear of Stomp.

Stomp (Tom Crier) is a member of the Samson Cree Nation. He was raised in both Ottawa, Ontario and Maskwacis, Alberta. He began listening to hip hop after hearing “Fuck The Police” by NWA in grade 4. Having an intense curiousity in how things are assembled, Stomp began learning how to produce at age 14 – starting with “pause tapes” and eventually moving to samplers. He studied Edmonton, AB. hip hop pioneers Rellik & Dooplex, and was also heavily influenced by Rascalz producer DJ Kemo from Vancouver, BC. Rellik, Dooplex, and the Rascalz all had a very sample-heavy catalog, backed by heavy, thumping drums.

In 1994, Stomp began working with Canadian Hip Hop group War Party as a producer. He helped built the sound that amplified their message until his departure from the group in 2002. In 2003, Jay Mak and Stomp formed Rezofficial Music.

Rezofficial Music also initially included JG The Tech (Jonathan Garlow) from Six Nations, Ontario. JG was instrumental in providing assistance in production and engineering duties for the first few Rezofficial Music projects.

Jay Mak and Stomp remain active, producing different artists and also participating and facilitating workshops for aspiring musicians.

early work

After forming Rezofficial Music, Jay Mak & Stomp began the search for new talent to work with. In late 2002, they began working with MC’s Drezus, Sleezy Sleez (a.k.a. Big Slim) & Hellnback. Hellnback (originally known as Kool Ayd The Chubby Cree) began recording a solo EP entitled “Them Chief Wahoo Caps” in 2003 as his first solo project after leaving the group War Party. Drezus began work on his first solo project titled “Fastlife” in 2004. Sleezy Sleez began work on a number of solo projects as well, the first being “Live From The BBQ” in 2004. In late 2003, Jay Mak also began working with his artist Lakes Aqui for his project entitled“The Debut”. All four projects were almost entirely produced by Jay Mak & Stomp, and were recorded primarily at Rezofficial Studios in Maskwacîs, Alberta.

Around this time (2002-2005), Jay Mak & Stomp also actively worked with JG The Tech from Six Nations in Ontario, Canada. JG was the producer for a group called Tru Rez Crew. MC’s from Tru Rez Crew and the Rezofficial Music camp began working on a mixtape entitled “Hard Work & Hustle”, which showcased the talents of the Rezofficial artists, along with Tru Rez Crew and singer Jasmine. The mixtape was released in fall of 2003.

team rezofficial

Now that the production house Rezofficial Music had been established, Jay Mak & Stomp noted the great chemistry between artists Hellnback, Drezus and Tomislav.

Hellnback, originally from Maskwacis, Alberta, was now based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2003, he had an opportunity to work and feature in an independent movie entitled “Stryker”. The movie producers asked Jay Mak & Stomp to helm the soundtrack as Rezofficial Music. Hellnback was already working regularly with Tomislav – who was a native Winnipeger – so it was an easy transition to bring Drezus on board as well to provide some artistry to the soundtrack project. Tomislav was originally in a Winnipeg group called Da Skepla Squad. The young talented MCs worked tirelessly to complete the soundtrack, which was released alongside the movie in 2004.

From these recording sessions birthed the song “Keep On Movin”, produced by Jay Mak and featuring Hellnback. The song was award a VideoFACT grant in early 2004, and was shot in locations around Winnipeg and Sagkeeng, MB in August 2004. Upon its release, the video was featured on MuchMusic and brought instant interest onto the Team Rezofficial album.

While finishing the Stryker soundtrack, the three MC’s grouped together as “Team Rezofficial”, and worked on the first official album “The Foundation”. They also worked with artists Lakes Aqui & Big Slim to create this first release. The album was nationally distributed through EMI, and promoted with a nationwide club tour. It featured two singles, “Keep On Movin”, and “Just Bounce”. It won a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award in 2004 for Best Hip Hop or Rap Album. The album was critically acclaimed.

Team Rezofficial – “Keep On Movin”

Performed by Hellnback
Produced by Jay Mak

After completing the promotional run for “The Foundation”, Team Rezofficial kept working, producing the mixtapes “Family First” (2007), “Follow The Leader” (2008), and “Work” (2008). Drezus also worked with MC Lakota Jonez to release “Get On Yo Job” (2007), produced primarily by Jay Mak and Stomp.

During this heavy studio time, Team Rezofficial also completed work on their second album “The World (And Everything In It)” in 2007. The album was nationally distributed through EMI in early 2008. The album was produced almost entirely by Jay Mak and Stomp, with additional production from Da Heala. From the album featured two singles, first “Paper Music” and then, “Lonely”. The video for “Paper Music” was shot in Toronto, Ontario by HARV!, and “Lonely” was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, and directed by LUX.

The video for “Lonely” hit number one on MuchMusic’s Rapcity countdown late August 2008. The album garnered solid reviews: Exclaim!, RapReviews. In 2009, “The World (And Everything In It)” was nominated for a Juno Award.

In the winter of 2010, Team Rezofficial performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics at different venues in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, alongside newcomers Jon-C and Charlie Fettah.

Team Rezofficial – “Paper Music”

Performed by Drezus and Tomislav
Produced by Stomp & Da Heala
Directed by HARV!

Team Rezofficial – “Lonely”

Performed by Hellnback and Drezus
Produced by Jay Mak
Directed by LUX

winnipeg's most

After Team Rezofficial finished performing at the 2008 Aboriginal Day Live celebrations at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they were introduced to two incredible artists named Charlie Fettah and Jon-C of Winnipeg’s Heatbag Records. The Heatbag Records camp had been making a name for themselves with consistent local releases, and were hungry to take their music nationwide.

Jay Mak and Stomp kept in contact with them, and began working on their first self-titled project “Winnipeg’s Most” in late 2009. The project was recorded and engineered by Stomp in Charlie Fettah’s den with a makeshift recording booth. The group began as Charlie Fettah and Jon-C at first, with Brooklyn being added later on in the recording process. All production was handled by Jay Mak and Stomp with the exception of “It’s a Jungle Out Here” which was produced by Boogey The Beat. The first album also featured Kobe Honeycutt on the song “On These Streets”, who had just completed work with Dr. Dre, Akon and Snoop Dogg.

Once the album was complete, they worked on recording a promotional mixtape entitled “Northside Connection”. Along with the mixtape, they began promoting the first singles: “What You In It For” and “All That I Know” to local radio. They shot the video for “All That I Know” with director Stuey Kubrick in Winnipeg, Manitoba, early 2011. The video has millions of streams on Youtube, and is one of the most streamed songs from the group to date.

The debut album by Winnipeg’s Most won 3 Aboriginal People’s Music Awards in 2010.

Winnipeg’s Most – “All That I Know”

Performed by Charlie Fettah, Jon-C & Brooklyn
Produced by Stomp
Directed by Stuey Kubrick

Winnipeg’s Most – “Prepped For War (Remix)”

Performed by Charlie Fettah, Jon-C, Brooklyn & Hellnback
Produced by Stomp

After the success of the first album, Winnipeg’s Most began work on their second album entitled “Goodfellaz”. Recording was done primarily at their new studio in Winnipeg, and production duties were once again handled primarily by Jay Mak and Stomp.

“Goodfellaz” birthed the singles “Winnipeg Boy” and “Forgive Me” (featuring Krizz Kaliko, co-produced by Boogey The Beat).

The album “Goodfellaz” won six Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards in 2011.

Winnipeg’s Most – “Winnipeg Boy”

Performed by Charlie Fettah, Jon-C & Brooklyn
Produced by Stomp
Directed by Stuey Kubrick

Winnipeg’s Most – “Forgive Me”

Performed by Charlie Fettah, Jon-C, Brooklyn and Krizz Kaliko
Produced by Stomp & Boogey The Beat
Directed by Jon-C